Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas


Baby showers are a part of the pregnancy experience and can happen at any time of the year. The parents are frazzled and stressed out, making it hard to plan a great baby shower, let alone try to pick a theme. It's easy to fall into a normal blue for boy pink for girl theme, but here in Windsor Heights, IA we like to shake it up. Flowerama Windsor Heights would like to help with a few interesting ideas for gender neutral baby showers.

Whether you're planning a surprise gender reveal, or you just want to shake up the norms, planning a gender-neutral baby shower is going to be fun! When you're planning a gender-neutral baby shower, we suggest starting with a fun theme with color palettes that shy away from tradition pinks and blues. We love planning gender neutral baby showers so here are a few of our favorite themes!

If you want to welcome the new traveler, try a Welcome To The World gender-neutral baby shower theme. Vintage maps and post cards are great additions to this worldly decor. To make it even more personalized, try to collect post cards from places the parents have visited together. For a nice decoration on the gift table, try the Fields Of Europe. The beautiful and bright colors welcome people in and give a happy atmosphere. For balloons and other décor, the colors should match the maps to create one cohesive gender-neutral theme.

Cute As A Button is a fantastic gender-neutral baby shower theme if the parents love pastel colors. Large buttons can be found online and hung on the wall for decoration. Wrapped boxes can be placed around the venue to bring in more color and to hold party games and other décor items. We suggest fresh flowers to be placed around to bring in a soft, delicate look, such as the Deluxe Floral arrangement. The soft roses bring in a pastel color and light fragrance. A pastel colored candy bar is a great idea, just grab some pretty glass vases and brightly colored candy!

All of these themes are just starting points. Each party can be made your own and more customized to the parents and their new baby. At Flowerama Windsor Heights we try to make every event unique and special for you. When someone you love is pregnant and it's time to start planning, give us a call or stop in our flower shop in Windsor Heights, IA. We love planning parties and we can't wait to make your baby shower a beautiful one!

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