Poinsettia Plants: The Perfect Holiday Plant!


Are you in the holiday spirit and thinking of perfect décor piece for the home or a gift for a holiday party? A traditional poinsettia is the perfect Christmas gift for these occasions, sporting traditional holiday colors of red and green. Flowerama Windsor Heights, your local florist, in Windsor Heights, IA will have in stock not only red, but a wide selection of poinsettia colors.

Our poinsettias will be ready to go on November 15th! You can either stop by our location in Windsor Heights, IA to pick up poinsettias or have us deliver these wonderful Christmas flowers right to your home or a friend or loved one.

The rich red flower of the poinsettia is large enough to be a statement piece without being too large where it takes away from any home decor space. The poinsettia plant originates in Mexico and has become a traditional gift sold in the six weeks leading up to Christmas.

A common misconception about the poinsettia is the plant is poisonous. Good news, it is not! The only way for the plant to harm you or your pet is if over 40 of them are ingested! Another misconception about the poinsettia is that it’s a flower. The red part of the plant is actually just colored bracts or leaves. They gain their color by being deprived of sunlight. There are over 100 different varieties of poinsettias. They come in the traditional red, white, pink, burgundy, marbled and speckled. Whatever the color, this plant goes great in any Christmas décor setting. Nothing says Christmas like the poinsettia!

Although the month of December is associated with jingle bells, sleighs, Santa, snow and decorations, the Christmas poinsettia plant is not limited to the Christmas season. It is also the symbol for all of the babies whose birthdays are lost in the holiday festivities. We didn’t forget about you December babies, and neither did the poinsettia!

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