Celebrate fall and the harvest months with sunflowers! Our florists at Flowerama Windsor Heights in Windsor Heights, IA are here to help you find the perfect fall sunflower arrangement to decorate your home! The Garden of Grandeur for Fall is a perfect example of a fall floral arrangement where sunflowers are the star! To increase the sunflower love here are some quick facts about this brilliant flower!

Sunflowers originated in the Americas and were cultivated back in 3000 BCE by the native people. They used this fantastic flower for food, medicine, and oil. When the Europeans came to the continent the sunflower was propagated to the rest of the world.

Sunflowers need lots of sun and room to grow. They need about 6-8 hours of sunlight to flourish. Did you know they can grow was tall as 16 feet? However, if they are clustered together they will compete and not give blooms.

One of the coolest things about sunflowers is that they track the sun! Sunflowers face east in the morning and follow the sun as the day goes by. When flowers are mature and heavy they mostly face the east as it gets harder to move.

Sunflowers are fascinating! They are made of thousands of little flowers. The center of this beautiful flower self-pollinates and creates thousands of seeds. The petals that we see are not able to reproduce but give this amazing flower the yellow crown we know them for.

Sunflowers are majestic! They are the perfect flower to decorate your house this fall. If you need help finding the perfect floral arrangement with sunflowers our florists at Flowerama Windsor Heights in Windsor Heights, IA are here for you!

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